Punishment Friday

Can you imagine what it must be like to be ordered to the headmistress office on friday after classes? Well, every one knows the headmistress deals with those who broke the school rules during the week then.

There usually are a few pupils waiting in front of the office, waiting to be sent in by the school secretary. They know why they were sent here, and they know that punishment awaits…

Well, guess what! I am the headmistress. And you can be one of those girls and boys waiting to be beckoned in my office.

Just send me a message with the subject “Report”, including:

– Name, Age and Gender of pupil
– Reason for being sent to the headmistress

You may also include:

– appearance of pupil
– more info on his/her character

Each friday, I will then inform you here about which pupils had to report to my office and how I dealt with them. I hope this will be entertaining.


Stefanie D. von Platen-Wilhelms



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21 responses to “Punishment Friday

  1. master herve

    Dear Stefanie. You have a funny idea!! unfortunally, i am a spanker and not a spankee… Good luck with your roleplay!Master Hervι

  2. Anonymous

    hiya I love roleplay and this will suit me, would you punish on cam HeadMistress? I can dress as a school boy or a schoolgirl,you must have seen and read my blogs and looked at my pics,as a friend on my 360 page hehehe see you later HeadMistress

  3. Anonymous

    I like your idea. Actually, I LOVE your idea. I’m not sure how it would practically play out, but I’m all ears – and buttcheeks!!!

  4. Anonymous

    name:Daniel P. Addler age:15 gender:male reason:Teasing female classmates.uniform issues. Appearance:”Daniel seems unaware that a tie is part of uniform policy,also that his “pranks” on girls mostly are funny ,only to himself. note: Can you please assist us,as we’re not in the business of “babysitting”,thank you.

  5. on line

    name: Jane Yaldmier age:18 reason : continoues mibehaving in the class +frequent cheating in the exam time . appearance:not tidy . another characters: very bright student but hate study

  6. George

    Hi Stefanie

    Stumbled over your blog only yesterday and am well impressed!

    The pupil I suggest to be disciplined:
    George McIntosh, age: 15, gender: male, (obviously); medium height, let’s say 5 ft 9; good student overall. His offense: a check of his bed linen revealed telltale evidence of playing with himself.

    I think appropriate discipline should include punishing the “guilty” parts of his body, ie hands and the region next to his member, the inside of his thighs.

  7. – Name, Age and Gender of pupil: Alissa, 15, Female
    – Reason for being sent to the headmistress: Being late way too often

    – appearance of pupil: extremely pretty, long brown hair and seagreen eyes
    – more info on his/her character: shy, an extremely well-behaved and docile girl
    Punishment: 8 strokes of senior cane, + 4 extra for struggling

  8. arun

    its gives a lot about british systems of cp in school. i have never beeb sent to headmisstress as though it is a method. but i was severly punished by teachers 2 3 times as class teachers were having the athority to do so. cp is banned in my country and bend down and cane on under pands are not at all common on our area though it happens in many homes as in mine too. but some teachers do it with the prior permession of parents. but there will not be any other puple in the room while one is beeing punished. in my 10th grade that was when i was 15 yrs old by my class teacher for failing to sign the mark sheet as well as for cheating in a class test. my case was reported during the noon intervell. and she got permession from my mom over the phone to punish me as she thinks that i deserve. so i was asked to report her at room no 6 in the toopfloor after the schools. after the last bell i went to her with a heavy heart as i was so sorry what i did. she asked why i failed to get the sign. i told the touth i forgot miss i am really sorry” but this is the second time” she said “and i dint punis for the first time. but u repeted.” i dint said any thing. then she asked “why did you cheat on the class test” i said that i am really sorry for what i did. “yes u r and u will never repet it in ur life. i will make it sure that”.i din replay.”u will get 12 severe canes on ur buttocks. and since i am going to give very hard ones i want u too bent down and also u will put off ur pands and trunks” by the uniform standers highschool boys had to were trunks as underclothing. i was realy shoked and was too afraid and totaly embrassed by hearing that.”put off ur pand” i couldint do any thing. then she came at my side and placed me close to the table and orderd me to put off my pands. i had no chice so i did it though very very slowly. as my pand went down she orderd me to bent down to the table. i did it.and she made me to place my left cheeks face th table so that i could see the cane gooing up and comming down. when my positin was correct she told me not to move untle sehe allows me to do so. she also told me that my slighst single movement will earn me another stroke on th upper thighs. saying that she took the cane. then she pulled down my trunks to my lover thighs. she too her possition and geve th very first hard stroke on the upper part of my bare buttocks. i screamed and tears started rolling down. i barly didnt make a move until my fifth verry hard ond across the buttocks on the centre part though i sreemed for each and every one. i some how completed the 12th one with screeming and crying aloud. then she asked me to put on my trunks and pands. i did it sobbibg aloud.. ” u moved at leat 4 times so u are gooing to get for that” i dint said any thing. but she only gave me one fine one on the palm taking into account of the buttock caninig. it was a horibike experence.

  9. Ben

    Your stories have to be the best I’ve read in a very long time. Thoroughly entertaining and very much lifelike.

    Thank you for the opportunity to read your work.

  10. Ben

    Ben Adler age: 16 Gender: Male Description: Medium build, brown hair, blue eyes, 155 lbs.

    Reason send to Headmistress: Was caught urinating behind a tree by one of the teachers and several students taking art class outside.

  11. Edward Tranta

    During Lesson last Wednesday when Deputy Head Girl Jill Roberts sat in for Miss Reid who had to leave early because her mother was taken ill.

    Three times Young 14 year old Edward Tranta jnr dropped his pencil and learned forward to recover it. It was on the third occassion that Jill realised that Edward was looking up her skirt to try and see if she was wearing Stocking and Supender Belt also if she was wearing School Regulation Kickers

  12. Surfer

    – Name, Age and Gender of pupil: Denise, 15, Female
    – Reason for being sent to the headmistress: dress code problem, note: “Denise seems unaware that a tight torn jeans with combat boots, wide leather belt and military-style tank top are not a part of uniform policy

    – appearance of pupil: extremely pretty, long red hair and blue eyes + tight torn jeans with combat boots, wide leather belt and military-style tank top
    – more info on his/her character: constantly misbehaving

    another characters: very bright student but hate study

    Punishment: 10 strokes of cane on jeans + 12 on bare for struggling and not removing jeans for herself

  13. name jenny woods
    age 15
    the full 12 with a sinnor cane

  14. Rosie Godfrey

    Rosie Godfrey Age:18

    Reason for summons: Told off in class for misbehaviour. This resulted in Godfrey ‘throwing a strop’, slamming items down on her desk & storming out of the room muttering obscenities & slamming the door in the process.

    Other information: A well built & buxom lass Godfrey was not afraid to use her ample figure to intimidate..Not the first incident involving this girl and would recomend corporal punishment (The Cane) as all other measures appear to have failed.

    Thank you,
    E.Newton (Miss)
    Head of Mathematics

  15. jlksk

    are you still making these storys I would love to see one of this child:
    name: sabrina kendall
    age: 14
    offence: running through the walls naked and hitting on teachers
    Punishment: 10 with the jonier cane

  16. asf

    Name: Adelle Smith
    Age: 14
    Offense: Adelle keeps forgetting her homework and appears to have trouble paying attention in class. Her handwriting is messy no matter how many times she is told to correct it and the letters often transpose. Her frustrated english teacher has sent her here. However, upon further review, it appears that she may have a learning disorder.

  17. edward tranta

    I am Edward Tranta and I was not trying to look up the Prefects Skirt well not the First time anyway but the 2nd and 3rd well she was wearing white knickers with a Black Suspender Belt and Stockings.
    I can assure you the whacking I got did hurt. The Head (THe Old Dragon) took a very dim view of the view I was trying to get.

  18. Name: James
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15, 9th Grade
    Appearance: Blonde hair, medium length, brown eyes, and medium height.
    Teacher’s Comments: James has had unacceptable behaviour lately. Last Friday I caught him graffiting in the boys bathrooms with his friend William (see next punishment form). James has been disruptive in class quite a lot as well. I recommend an over the knee bare spanking for disrupting class, followed by the cane for the graffiti.
    Thank You.

    Head of Biology,
    Mrs. Johnson

  19. Name: William
    Age: 15, 9th grade
    Appearance: short brown hair, brown eyes, medium height
    Teacher’s Comments: William has been behaving very badly of the late. He is often late to class and forgets his homework regularly. To make things worse, I caught William graffiting in the boys bathroom last Friday with his friend James (see previous punishment form). I believe the situation requires an over the knee bare spanking for the minor offences followed by the cane for the graffiti.
    Thank You.
    Head of Biology,
    Mrs. Johnson

  20. Report:
    Name: Brigid McNamara
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Offense: Whilst being called up to the front of the classroom to publically receive six of the best, Brigid grabbed the ruler from the teacher and started giving the teacher much more than six of the best and then stormed out of the classroom.
    Description: Medium height, brown curly hair, grey-blue eyes, tall and slender.
    Punishment: 12 strokes of the senior cane. OUCH!! Then expultion.

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